Dog Intros:

Like people, not all dogs will get along, and you should not expect your dog to get along with all dogs. We suggest on-leash intros and a walk to introduce dogs to one another. Plan at least 30 minutes and take it slow.

  • Allows dogs to see each other
  • Dogs should be separated at first by humans
    • If safe to do so: allow dogs to walk closer to each other and eventually next to each other.
    • Allow dogs to sniff each other for short intervals of time
    • Continue walking and allowing for short interactions
  • If safe, bring dogs to an enclosed area
  • Keep dogs on dropped leashes and allow continued interaction



Pet & Baby Intros:

In order to successfully introduce a new baby to your home, there are certain things to consider and prep. We recommend the following workshop:


Housing Resources:

We know that housing is one of the biggest problems for people who owns these breeds. We have shared below some local housing options from My Pitbull is Family: (National resource)


New England Housing Options:

The Lofts at East Berkeley

Boston, MA 02118


West Square

Boston, MA 02127


Fenway Triangle Trilogy

Boston, MA 02215


Newton Park Condos

Brighton, MA 02135


Twin Ponds

105 Spit Brook Road, #21F

Nashua, NH 03062


Montgomery Street Apartments

Pawtucket, RI 02860



Home Owners Insurance resources:

We know that insurance is also a big problem for people who owns these breeds. We have shared below some resources below:

  • State Farm (May require proof of training)
  • Commerce Insurance (May require proof of training/K9GC)
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Allstate
  • Mass Fair Plan

MSPCA article: